My career has been defined by a passion for understanding how things work, a fascination with emerging technologies, and a burning desire to share with others what I have learned. I have been characterized by others as someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, the tenacity for solving complex problems, and the vision to see possibilities where others see obstacles.

I started my career as a graphic designer, prepress specialist, and digital retouch artist in the 1980's, then became a desktop publishing evangelist and educator before moving to web and multimedia publishing in 1993. I relocated from Denver to Evansville in 1997 when a consulting project evolved into a commitment that lasted more than 12 years. During that time I managed a 25 member team of writers and graphic designers, became adept at application development, and went on to establish the digital marketing group for the company.

I am currently active as a web developer, app developer, and consultant to a handful of small and medium-size businesses, and a small business online marketing solutions provider through my websites at:

As a creative and analytical thinker, I am able to develop great ideas and carry them to completion. I work well on my own, or as part of a larger team. I have extensive experience in graphic communications, digital publishing, and online marketing.

As a technology professional with more than 30 years experience, I'm capable of not only managing business operations, I can roll up my sleeves and help dig in the trenches. My skill set includes graphic design, photography, technical writing, copywriting, project management, software development, web development, audio and video editing, social media management, and more.

When I'm not sitting at a computer, you will often find me playing mandolin, fiddle or guitar at one of the local watering holes, or building furniture and music instruments in my woodworking studio.

Online Marketing Strategies and Solutions


Training and Professional Development

Herding Cats

Website Development and Content Solutions

Ballroom Dancing

Brand Marketing and Management

Mixed Martial Arts

Customer Relationship Management

Content and Asset Management Systems

1990 - 1992

The Color Center


Developed curriculum for our three teaching facilities located in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and present courses at each location. My areas of specialization included color reproduction, scanning, prepress, retouch and image manipulation techniques.

1992 - 1993

Center for the New West

Technology Director

Responsible for network and computer infrastructure, publishing of research reports, and technology consulting for think tank focused on public policy and economic development of the western states region, from Colorado to California.

1992 - 1996

Colorado Institute of Art


Developed and presented courses for Photography and Visual Communications departments, including courses in advanced digital imaging, graphic design, and multimedia development.

1992 - 1997

TAGS Digital Media


Provided a diverse range of emerging technology services for clients ranging from one person agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Services included prepress consulting and training, interactive media development, curriculum development, digital illustration, art direction, graphic design, and web design.

1997 - 2009

Keller Crescent Company

Technology Director

Managed 25 member team responsible for product literature development using an advanced digital publishing system of my design.

2009 - 2010

Keller Crescent Advertising

Vice President, New Media

Responsible for all aspects of business unit management, including business growth strategy, staffing, outsourcing, vendor relations, hardware, software, services, budgets, and clients. Effectively managed project requirements and deliverables with multiple vendors, account executives, clients, and creatives.

2011 - 2013

ProSocial Marketing, LLC


We help you increase business through online marketing. Our core competency is in providing you with the support you need to execute and manage your online marketing programs using an exclusive set of integrated marketing tools that help you plan, schedule, and execute online marketing campaigns.

1979 - 1982

S.U.N.Y. Oswego

B.S. Industrial Technology

1988 - 1989

Harvard University


Web Development

Web Development

Website for Construction Company

Web Development

Web Development

Website and Product Catalog for Engineering Company

Web Development

Web Development

Local Restaurant

Logo Design

Logo Design

Customer Reviews Software

Project Management

Project Management

Regional Hospital Website

Project Consultant

Project Consultant

Downhill Mountain Bike Portal

Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development

Occupational and Chiropractic Healthcare

Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development

Fall Festival Munchie Map

Web Development

Web Development

Mobile Websites

Logo Design

Logo Design

BRenewed Wellness Solutions

Web Development

Web Development

Artists of Note

Sep 24th, 2017

An Older Gentleman’s Story

Sometime around 1987 or so, when I lived on Charles Street in Boston, I’d drive out to Chestnut Hill in Newton to do a little free climbing. There was a popular spot just a few steps into the woods behind a shopping center that provided an easy climb up a granite face. It was high…

Jul 25th, 2016

3D Printing, Coffee Roasting, Quebecois Fiddle

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Jun 10th, 2015

Have you ever wondered how images were retouched before Photoshop?

During the 1980’s I was a color separator. That is a job where one turns photographs into the film used to make printing plates for full color printing. I can tell you that in the years leading up to the introduction of Photoshop, photographers rarely, if ever, retouched photographs. There was an entire career for…

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